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    • Tried to get the message across!
    • Thank you for helping to share IBT on Radio 2. I know how difficult it is to get a mention for IBT, so well done to you :) The re-emergence of half moons on the nails, confirms that your circulation has improved.
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    • Tried to get the message across!
    • Hi, Just wanted to let you know that my husband decided to try and get the message out on radio 2 last week (Simon Mayo Drivetime) He used the fact that one of the listeners had asked as their homework question if anything can make you taller. We included your name and website but of course they didn't read that bit out unfortunately, you need to f/f to roughly 1:41: Sorry if that's the wrong format and feel free to put this post where it should be! ;-) Quick update - I have ms (26 years) EDSS 8 and my husband is more than happy to be sleeping inclined with me again after an enforced break. I did complete the tracking form originally about 6 years ago, but as I'm a bit of a technophobe I've not managed to find it on here - and my email has also changed which didn't help! Only restarted IBT about a month ago this time and already neither of us can sleep flat anymore. Couldn't wait to get back to 'our' bed after what should have been a nice break for 2 days. Also, only a small thing so far but surely significant in such a short space of time - our nail half moons have begun to reappear! I know for definite that I only had one on my thumb. Thanks for giving us all hope Andrew. Best wishes Elaine & Rob
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    • Author Elaine
    • 3 days 14 hours ago
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    • Reduction of respiratory diseases after using IBT
    • Dear all, this topic is mostly directed to you, who are using IBT for few months or longer. I am just curious if can sleeping in the slope improve overall health in case of respiratory diseases. For example do you have an experience that the frequency of these disorders was reduced after using IBT? Theoretically, there should by some kind of connection in between, because IBT helps in breathing improvement, reduction of toxins from the system or just improves blood flow in the tissue. I am just curious in this topic, because as autumn starts, I suffer from these respiratory diseases regularly. It is not the only issue, I want to try IBT for, thats why I am asking if you have experience. Best regards, Topr
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Very important research into spinal cord injury nerve regeneration by Ron Meyor a great scientist who I admire very much.

Meyor severed the optic nerve of fish and frog and showed that nerve regeneration occurs in both species. He compared this to mammals, where nerve regeneration of the optic nerve does not occur. What Meyor missed, is that in both fish and frog, the nerve pathway to regeneration remains constant. In other words, the fish and frog remain upright so that the angle from the eye to the brain is in line with the direction of gravity and its influence on circulation in the optic nerve.

Mammals on the other hand, like ourselves, continually change their posture so while the nerves still grow, the gravitational signals and the driving force for growth confuses the nerve endings sending them in all directions.

Meyor then removes the nerves from the mammals and shows in a special culture dish that the mammalian nerves do grow in what appears to be an inclined culture dish, which he refers to as "special circumstances" The nerve is observed to grow past a horizontally placed nerve, unable to make a connection. A simple way to test this in a laboratory would be to have rats with damaged spinal cords in wheeled wire frames, so they can move around freely but remain in the upright position with their spines tilted down at an angle of 5 degrees.

But wait, we don't need to do animals studies anymore. The recent breakthrough was seen in Brazil and elsewhere, where patients with spinal cord injuries are provided with a vertical device that enables them to remain upright and mobile for longer periods has shown that nerves do regenerate and connections are made to restore sensitivity, bowel and bladder control and mobility.

I rest my case !!!!!

Andrew K Fletcher

Short Video Clip Ronald Meyor's Research: 

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