dr torre inclined bed therapy investigation
Dr J.P. Torre is conducting an Independent Review of Inclined Bed Therapy. He is asking for people to join his online study. Please Help by sharing your IBT experience with him.

This is very exciting and a long awaited breakthrough.
"- There are convincing facts about IBT including NASA research and it is certainly intriguing that ancient Egyptians slept inclined.
- There are numerous reports that Inclined sleeping has resulted in health and well being improvements.
- It is important to explore ideas that come from outside the direct medical or pharmaceutical community.
- Raising the head of a bed can be easily done for free.
- If IBT theory is correct the impact on health care spending could be substantial."

Dr Torre wants to include data from people already using IBT.

Here is your chance to help him understand more about how IBT has affected you. He does not need your personal details if you wish to remain anonymous.

When IBT theory is proven independently by a Doctor, it would undoubtedly provide a simple cost effective way to treat or prevent many serious conditions that today can only be treated with drugs. Health Services Finances, currently directed on drug based treatments, could be redirected towards research, to improve public health.
In order to prove IBT theory more studies and data is urgently required and this is an opportunity to do just that!

We hope you are interested in assisting in data gathering to support either the validation or invalidation of IBT, 
The More people that are participating, the stronger the conclusions of the study will be !"

You don't have to be sick to join either, Dr Torre is researching a wide range of physiological changes and is interesting in seeking solutions to help prevent medical conditions and boosting your health and fitness also.
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