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Eye irrigation removes cataracts safely using deionised / distilled water

9 months 2 weeks ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #1374 by Andrew
Have been conducting some interesting research into using deionised water eye baths 1 minute each eye 4-5 times a day.

Undertaking some incredible research to help restore sight for millions of people at almost zero cost, thanks to a chance meeting with Mrs Burt aged 80, who improved her sight beyond all expectations. I have improved on her design. First two to test this method have had incredible results. Now seeking a few more volunteers locally and have approached some friends.
Waiting for ophthalmologist to confirm what we suspect has happened. Will tell you more by updating this post in the near future.

Grab an eye bath, use distilled or deionised water, bathe each eye for 1 minute 4-5 times a day. Learned the bathing of eyes to remove cataracts from a Mrs Burt, aged 82, who completely dissolved hers, restoring sight to 20/20. She used tap water over a longer period.

After 1-2 weeks, myself and neighbour - who has cataracts discovered white crystal matter around eyes. This has not shown up again since. My sight has improved significantly and I did not have cataracts. A friend does not need glasses any more for reading, she works on laptop now without them.

I was moving small text away to bring into focus. Now I can focus near and distant.

Stings a little at first, but this is short term. After a while eyes no longer sting.

Reason for using deionised water is sterility, and more importantly, it's ability to absorb minerals and other substances and it is very aggressive at breaking down the layers of compromised tissue.

Now, I suspect something else is going on with regards to the optic nerves and the eyes ability to change shape. Possibly because of better hydration.

Imagine sticking clear tape to the eyes surface. This would prevent the eyes from being able to contract or expand. Imagine that tape all around the eye. I think we are removing this film and restoring better eye function and nerve and tendon function.

Truly remarkable what has happened in just a few weeks.

Best of all it's almost free and could help the poorest people to regain their sight without drugs.
Eyes used to sting on night time, thought it was hay fever. now convinced it was some kind of irritant because don't get it any more

Best wishes Andrew

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