increased salts in urine--why is this good?

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Ozone replied the topic: increased salts in urine--why is this good?
A fellow earth hugger....good going. I know Martin of the authors of the earthing book. He told me they also have big problems just trying to convince people to touch the earth....people claim it turns you into an antenna and does harm. Have slept earthed for whole family like it. But for serious illness it's usually to enough. I have done quite a bit of things myself...they all work and fail. Some people respond to one thing..other people don't respond at all. You just have to find your own medicine I suppose. I am currently doing Russian's a whole knew world. Deficiencies are also a huge things with people...everyone seems to have some major deficiency that contributes to their illness. Nervous system is major....and as its influenced by EMF, dirty electricity, geopathic stress, etc...even can see the complexity. Chronic illness ALWAYS has chronic infestation of some kind, although it's not necessary the cause of the illness. Again, good luck.

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