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Inclined Bed Therapy

Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

Sleeping Inclined To Restore and Support Your Health For Free. Fascinating Science, Discovery, History and Medical Research In Circulation And Posture, by Andrew K Fletcher

Inclined Bed Therapy It's This Simple

Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) Really is this simple.

Are you experiencing sleep related problems?
Waking up feeling more tired? Insomnia? Acid reflux disease? Restless legs? Headaches? Puffy eyes? Back pain?
Instead of looking for excuses for not trying this. Use whatever is available to you to tilt your bed.

Use books, blocks, bricks or bed / furniture raisers to raise your bed at the head end. Use the IBT table to determine the correct height for a 5 degree angle. IBT Inclined Bed Chart

 Keep a journal and record the differences you notice.  

The first two weeks of IBT can feel strange. Be patient and continue sleeping inclined for at least 4 weeks.

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inclined bed therapy saves and improves lives
Inclined Bed Therapy is all about improving your health and saving lives and best of all it costs nothing !

When is a bed not just a bed?  Answer: When that bed saves your life !

Read the information and testimonials on this site and decide for yourself whether your bed is a healthy choice or not.


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